Really Like Playing Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold

I was looking around in the app store for a new slots game to play. I downloaded a few of them to try them out and really didn’t like them after playing a few times so I deleted them from my phone. I kept looking around in the app store and found Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold. I decided to download it and give it a try.

I spun it a few times and hit for a good bit of credits right from the beginning. I have really enjoyed playing this game and think it is my new favorite. The ads are minimal and don’t get in the way of the game. The slots hit pretty well while playing it which keeps me playing. I really enjoy the set up of the game and can’t wait until I get more credits to play it.

Since I have downloaded this slots game, I have told a few friends of mine about it. I told them how addicting it is and how much I enjoy playing it. They have also downloaded it and started playing Rainbow Riches. They said they also like playing it and said they feel like it’s addicting too. They said they like this slots game better than any others they have played and it’s a nice change from the regular games they are used to.

I like this app so much that I gave it a rating in the app store and even left a review for it. I have looked around to see what other apps this developer makes and tried out another one too. I really like it as well. I am glad I found this app and downloaded it on my phone to play. It is a fun game.

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